Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Post


I am about to enter the wild, fun and infinitely expensive world of dollhouse ownership. This blog will chronicle that journey.

I have two projects lined up:
  • The building/finishing/furnishing of the Real Good Toys house I just bought; the Batrie Newport (with 2-story addition).
  • The creation of a couple of fantasy room boxes.
It may seem that I have these projects in the wrong order, but the room boxes will actually be the more difficult as I intend to design and create all the furniture (and as many accessories as possible) myself.

Anyway, this is the start of my newest obsession. Wish me luck!


emintey said...

I'm the first ;)

Little Luxuries said...


Living said...

Good luck! Not everything has to be expensive though- try to make as much as you can!