Monday, July 5, 2010

Long time no post

Sorry for the lags between updates, but real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of my minis. Stupid real life.

Anyway… I thought it would be really cool to put baked goods on that pretty gold-wire étagère but decided that it would be a good place to put gift items instead:

Top shelf - a Chrysnbon kettle and tea cups painted with enamel.

Half-shelves - seed bead bracelets. The boxes are made from vinyl scrapbook paper and white craft foam. Ever tried to fold and glue a piece of vinyl into something that roughly resembles a ½-inch by ¾-inch gift box? Don't; it is not fun. Stick with cardstock, which holds its shape better.

Fourth shelf - four "jars" made of glass millefiori beads, silver jewelry findings and Swarovski crystals.

Bottom shelf - at the back are two picture frames (difficult to see in this shot) that are simply pewter bracelet charms with the hanging loops clipped off. In the front are two turquoise jars made of beads and pewter jewelry findings.

Floor - Dolphin sculpture composed of a painted wood disk, a "wave" made of marbled white translucent and blue translucent Fimo, and an iridescent dolphin-shaped charm (loop clipped off).

Next project: I'm going to turn the white unit (against the left wall) into a bakery case for breads and rolls. I've got all the pieces (at least I think I do)… now, I just have to figure out how it all goes together.


Minnie Kitchen said...

ooh I love the gold!

Kim said...

very pretty- I really love the dolphin sculpture ♥

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